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  1. 50Megs.com - "A solid, reliable free Web hoster that offers you a generous 50 megabytes of space, in exchange for displaying their 468-by-60 pixel banner, (which you may display either inline or as a pop-up). Your URL here will be http://www.50megs.com/YourSite. They also offer an easy-to-use online 'EZ Web Builder' that allows you to create Web pages, even if you have no knowledge of HTML."
  2. Angelfire - Up to 30 MB of free web space
  3. Crosswinds Internet Communications - "Welcome to the new Crosswinds, your home for free e-mail and unlimited web space."
  4. Express Page, The "Free homepages for all users of the World Wide Web."
  5. FreeServers.com - "FreeServers.com gives you 20 megabytes of space. You also get a free email, free counter, a free guestbook, instant messaging, and direct FTP access."
  6. Freewebsites.com
  7. FreeYellow.com - 12MB of free web space along with free animated graphics, a free counter, FTP uploading, free E-mail order forms, a free autoresponder and a 'WebSite Wizard,' to help you build your pages."
  8. HomePage.com - offers 10mb space and FrontPage support
  9. Homestead - "Features a powerful, 'drag-and-drop' online editor that makes the whole process of building a Web site simple, even for newbies. You can build a site from scratch, or select from their pre-designed, customizable pages. They also offer free chat rooms, guest books and more."
  10. HowdyNeighbor.com
  11. I-drive.com - up to 50 megabytes of free Web-based storage
  12. NameZero "Your very own FREE, permanent .com domain name FREE domain name based e-mail (you@rtsmith.com) FREE domain name hosting FREE domain name forwarding to multiple Web sites."
  13. NetTaxi - "Site offers you a free personal Web site with three megabytes of space, a personal FTP "outbox" and an free E-mail account."
  14. ProHosting - "15 megs of free Web space, one POP3 E-mail account, an FTP account and CGI access. Your E-mail address here will be yourusername@thor.prohosting.com."
  15. TopCities.com - "TopCities.com offers you 50 megabytes of space and 'unlimited bandwidth.' Here, you upload your files using their online 'EasyUpload' utility. TopCities.com also offers a number of free enhancements for your site, such as a guestbook and a message board. They also feature a free submission utility to help you get listed in the Web's major search engines."
  16. Tripod - "11 megabytes of free webspace for your site at this service, with two options: if you're a beginner, you can use the 'Quickpage' option if you want Tripod to write your page's coding. If you know HTML coding, you can do it yourself through the 'Custom' option."
  17. VirtualAve.net - 20 megabytes of free web space
  18. Web Hosting Reviews 2016 - "Looking for honest web hosting reviews? Data doesn't lie. We've tested (page speed, uptime, price) and reviewed all the 27 major web hosting providers."
  19. WebJump - "25 megabytes of free web space. It's easy to get set up at this speedy hoster. WebJump offers a publishing tool that makes it easy to create pages here, even if you're a newbie with no HTML coding experience. Note that you must display their 150-by-60 pixel banner on each page."
  20. WebSpawner - "WebSpawner is a free online Web authoring system that lets you design and develop customized Web pages in a matter of minutes - without having to learn HTML."
  21. WP Hosting Hub - "We compared the best WordPress hosting in 2016 is featuring companies like SiteGround, WP Engine, A2 hosting with hosting reviews."

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Updated: May 18, 2016
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