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Week of October 13, 1997

  1. Movie Review Query Engine
  2. Dead People Server - index of famous persons to find the date of death; if alive, also noted.
  3. GenSource - Free resources for genealogy research.
  4. YourFamily.com - genealogy and family member resources
  5. FilePile - Over 1,000,000 FREE Files
  6. Film 100, The - "100 Most Influential People in the History of the Cinema"
  7. Animal Lovers Personals - Meet the animal lover of your dreams and make friends with people from all over through our chat rooms, discussion boards and video personals.
  8. HTML Goodies Page
  9. Pet Loss and Grief Support Page - pet loss, grief, bereavement, sources of help, tips, hotlines, links to related sites
  10. IAnswerQ's Win 95 Help Page
  11. Daily E-Maily Crosswords Club - Every day when you open your email and your NEW puzzle will appear, no need for special programs, no need for extra work or bookmarked pages. All you do is press the print button and enjoy your new puzzle. The answers to yesterdays puzzle will be printed on the bottom of each page.
  12. Pathways to Metaphysics - a practical philosophical approach known as Vedanta, which represents the basic tenets of Hinduism.
  13. Cardiac News on the Net
  14. AIDS News on the Net
  15. Arthritis News on the Net
  16. Health News on the Net
  17. Influenza News on the Net
  18. Diet News on the Net
  19. WineLink
  20. EPA - Global Warming Site"
  21. The Usual Suspects: San Francisco's Political Home
  22. ZDTips - a FREE service that delivers software tips right to your e-mail box.
  23. Britannica Internet Guide
  24. Coyote's Country - an exhaustive list of links to Country Music and Country Music resources
  25. Working Moms' Internet Refuge - a light and lively support group for those afflicted with the dual dreads of work and family
  26. Eiffel Tower - official site of the 108 year old modern wonder of the world
  27. Bird Sounds - Choose from among doves, finches, sparrows, wrens, birds of prey, you name it-there's even a Mystery Bird of the Day
  28. Beatrice's Web Guide - is a guide to the Internet designed for women.
  29. Newbie -U - teaches new users all about the Internet, including FTP, e-mail, Usenet, IRC, and Web surfing
  30. Bobby - find HTML compatibility problems that prevent pages from displaying correctly on different web browsers.
  31. Best Viewed with Any Browser - assure compatibility on different web browsers.
  32. Reform Party Official Website
  33. Law Practice Technology Center, The - A group of law and technology experts have come together on a collaborative project to create a site on law and technology in general and legal Intranets and Extranets in particular.
  34. El Nuevo Dia Interactivo
  35. Build Your Own PC! (2)
  36. AAOS User's Group: Guide to Buying a Home PC - this site was designed to assist computer novices in buying a home computer.

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