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Week of October 20, 1997

  1. 50 U.S, States - Capitals and Information Links
  2. College Sports News - news coverage (searchable by keyword) on just about every NCAA sport, from golf to football
  3. Reformation for Today
  4. Law Street - guide to the law, with legal info, news for consumers, a guide to the laws of U.S. states, humor, and more.
  5. 'Letric Law Library - a collection of law information for the layman.
  6. CataLaw - metaindex of law and government.
  7. Class Action Lawsuits - legal facts, current actions, and "how to" opinions.
  8. CommonLaw.com - for all who enjoy legal history and theory.
  9. Crash Course in Wills & Trusts - the information you need to plan an estate of any size.
  10. LawRights - free legal information for England and Wales.
  11. Lawstuff - a whole bunch of stuff about legal rights, helpful legal contacts and toons; for Australian people under 18.
  12. LawTalk - From Indiana University - LawTalk is a service provided by Indiana University. Each segment deals with some aspect of Law or Legal Studies and is authored by a faculty member from either the IU School of Law in Bloomington or the IU School of Law in Indianapolis.
  13. Legal Pad Junior - legal advice for kids.
  14. Legal Web - a mirror of the Virtual Library Law Topic section with additional links and sites.
  15. LegalTools - discussion groups on law.
  16. SeniorLaw - information about Elder Law (Elderlaw), Medicare, Medicaid, estate planning, trusts and the rights of the elderly and disabled.
  17. All Law - comprehensive legal directory and search engine.
  18. World Wide Legal Information Association - legal information by country. Includes the Law Museum, a history of the law, and the Law Hall of Horrors. From Hammurabi to O.J
  19. Attorney Yellow Pages - offers a search facility allowing location of lawyers by geographical area or field of specialty plus a guide to finding lawyers and legal tips on a number of subjects.
  20. Law - WWW Virtual Library
  21. Bloomberg Online: Today in History
  22. Daily-A-Day - This Day in History, Joke of the Day, and Daily Information.
  23. This Week in US History
  24. CopNet - Guide to Law Enforement Resources
  25. Atlanta Injury and Insurance Law Resource
  26. News Index - News Only Search Engine. Search current articles from hundreds of sources from around the world.
  27. World Lecture Hall - links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver class materials. For example, you will find course syllabi, assignments, lecture notes, exams, class calendars, multimedia textbooks, etc.
  28. Dakota Press
  29. WorldFlash - Internet based news headline, quotes, weather and Email agent for Windows 95/NT4, you are at the right place
  30. Psychology Self-Help - a 1000-page summary of the 50,000 self-help books sitting on library shelves around the world
  31. Free Clips - library of 75,000 Web objects perfect for your Web site or presentation.
  32. History Guide, The - History articles and information from the National Historical Society and Cowles History Group. Covers a wide range of history topics, with an emphasis on Western and military history. Includes discussion forums on general history, travel, the American Civil War, and military history. 
  33. History Online - The Discovery Channel - History articles and features from the Discovery Channel Online. Includes archives of articles back through 1996. Highlights include "conversations" with James Burke, articles on major historical events, and games and editorials reflecting the lighter side of history.  
  34. Educational Calendar & WWW Sites - Monthly calendar of well-annotated educational links, including several for each of about 10 historical events per month. 
  35. Avalon Project, The - Yale Law School - Extensive collection of primary documents from law, history, economics, politics, foreign relations, and government.  
  36. Exhibit Hall, The - National Archives and Records Administration -Collection of documents, photographs, and historical information.  
  37. World Cultures - Comprehensive anthology of materials for courses in world cultures. Includes "learning modules" for civilizations from Mesopotamia to the modern period, with essays, primary source materials, and discussion topics.  
  38. H-World - a discussion list and scholarly network for world history.
  39. Genealogy Home Page - Genealogical research tools and an annotated directory of links. 
  40. Linkages Project, The - Directory of links for kinship studies and genealogy material used in a university anthropology course
  41. Royal and Noble Genealogical Data on the Web   - Collection of information on the genealogy of the British royal family, American presidents, and other notables. Includes a database and information on doing genealogical research on the Internet.  
  42. Australian Family History Compendium   - Extensive collection of links concerning Australian genealogy. Includes information on Latter-Day Saints Family History Centres, coats of arms and heraldry, maps, Aboriginal (Koori) studies, and Australian libraries and archives.
  43. JGSR Jewish Genealogy Page   - Links to information on former European communities and tools and techniques for navigating available genealogical matter. Includes links to material on the Holocaust, book dealers, and maps
  44. IRLGEN: Tracing Your Irish Ancestors - Description and explanation of genealogy resources in Ireland. Includes a basic introduction to tracing Irish ancestors, an explanation of the best ways to start a search, and details about the best sources to use, by era, location, and type, with suggestions for further reading and useful addresses. 
  45. ROOTS-L Home Page - Information on genealogical resources found at U.S. archives and libraries, including the Library of Congress. Includes Revolutionary War and other military records, as well as state by state genealogical resources.   
  46. Population Studies Center - University of Michigan  - Information on this interdisciplinary demographic research center (sociology, economics, anthropology, public health, and social work). Includes project descriptions and publications and material on graduate programs.  
  47. H-DEMOG - Michigan State University  - a discussion list and scholarly network for demographic history. Includes subscription information and commands, list archives, academic announcements and conference notices, and links to related resources. 
  48. Heraldry and Coats of Arms on the Internet  - Comprehensive directory of heraldry resources, with links to related software, books, dictionaries, biographies, articles, organizations, and clip art, covering orders of chivalry, military coats of arms, surnames, fraternities, and more. Includes fee-based services to search for family coats of arms and computer-generated coats of arms.  
  49. Fine Arts World Resource Page - Directory of links to art, architecture, design, and dance resources.
  50. AIA Online: The American Institute of Architects - Professional organization for architects providing resources for both practitioners and consumers.
  51. World Art Treasures - Exploration of the art and architecture of several different civilizations, including Egypt, China, Japan, India, and Europe. Includes seven distinct programs covering specific artists or civilizations, with numerous images and in-depth discussions of historical background and stylistic tendencies.
  52. National Graphic Design Archive - Image database of the NGDA covering the history of graphic design in the U.S. Offers general or specific searches on graphic design, photographs, and artworks in related media
  53. Art on the Web - Extensive directory of art sites organized by historical time periods. Covers art therapy, conservation, iconography, professional associations, and women artists.
  54. ArtLex - Art dictionary with over 1,700 terms relating to all aspects of the visual arts, intended to be used by anyone interested or involved in the arts. Links art vocabulary to other Web sites. Provides images of works of art and quotations.
  55. SILS Art Images Browser - Large database of images from the collections of the University of Michigan Museum of Art and Slide and Photograph Collection and the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology. An experimental project, the site is an example of how an electronic database can classify and retrieve art images.
  56. Internet Resources for the Arts: General Resources - Thorough index of Internet listings for primary resources on art. Covers general sites on art and architecture, publications and discussion groups, organizations, and libraries and schools. Many of the topics link to other search engines on art.

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