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Week of October 27, 1997

  1. High-Rise Pages, The - The tallest buildings, skyscrapers, tv-towers, bridges, churches and other structures from all over the world
  2. American Immigrant Wall of Honor, The - The wall celebrates American immigration from its earliest beginnings until today, and soon even more names will be added.
  3. Blind Spot - "a lavishly printed journal of contemporary photography."
  4. Birth Psychology - explores "the many mental and emotional dimensions of pregnancy and birth."
  5. Joy of Cooking - menus, recipes, trivia, and more.
  6. Music Maker - Jerry Garcia, Ella Fitzgerald, and Guitar Slim on the same CD? It's your choice.
  7. You Are What You Eat - a guide to good nutrition. Find out what you are and what you can be.
  8. Attention Deficit Disorders
  9. Attention Deficit Disorder School and Summer Camp
  10. Airlines Toll-free
  11. Internet 800 Directory - - free listing of toll-free numbers. Companies are listed by category, company name, state, and 800 number.
  12. Obesity.com - news, information and online community support for people concerned with health, fitness, and weight issues and weight loss.
  13. Web Site 101 - an introductory guide that focuses on the "How?" and "Why?" of establishing a Web presence for small businesses, corporations or non-profit organizations
  14. Daily Diversion - celebrity birthdays, historical events in news, entertainment, music and sports. You get a dose of humor to brighten your day along with a riddle to sharpen your mind!
  15. Weather Network Online/MétéoMédia - Canada's 24 hour a day weather channel is now moving onto the web.
  16. Psych Central - Extensive collection of articles, commentaries, and lists pertaining to mental health.
  17. Dr. Mike's Homepage - A melting pot of the interests of the page creator. Featured are editorials on mental health-related legislation affecting the schools---along with links to other school psychology sites---and links to informational pages on mental health disorders and current issues in the field.
  18. Mental Health Mall - Indices for mental health professionals and consumers. Searchable registries of therapists; workshops, conferences, and other educational opportunities; expert speakers; career opportunities;and products and services.
  19. Conduct Disorder - Index of resources on childhood conduct disorder and its causes, treatment, and outcomes.
  20. Drug Treatment for People with Mood Disorders - Resources on drug treatments for major depression and other mood disorders.
  21. Gestalt Therapy Page, The - Resources for Gestalt therapists and lay users interested in Gestalt psychology and Gestalt therapy.
  22. Gestalt Psychology - Index of resources in Gestalt psychology and Gestalt therapy.
  23. How to Keep an Idiot Busy
  24. Free Forum
  25. Police Officer's Internet Directory, The - Comprehensive directory of law enforcement Web sites throughout the world. Covers U.S. federal, military, and state law enforcement agencies, as well as those in other countries worldwide.
  26. Federal Bureau of Investigation   - Profiles and photographs of the bureau's most wanted criminals, overview of principal programs, including the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program and the National Computer Crime Squad, summaries of major ongoing investigations, and employment listings.
  27. Constitutional Law Materials    - Outline of the main provisions of the U.S. Constitution, with links to relevant sections, posted by the Legal Information Institute of Cornell University Law School. Includes background material such as the Articles of Confederation and The Federalist papers as well as a comprehensive database of Supreme Court decision, with case summaries and texts of majority and dissenting opinions. 
  28. Institute for First Amendment Studies - Nonprofit educational and research organization that monitors the activities of the religious right in the U.S. and advocates for First Amendment freedoms
  29. Center of Constitutional Law - Multidisciplinary research institute working under the administrative arm of the faculty of law at Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Includes brief overviews of the extended research program and links to the home pages of the center's members and researchers.  
  30. Commerce Bank - online banking and financial services for businesses and individuals.
  31. Advance Bank
  32. Apollo Trust Company
  33. Atlanta Internet Banking
  34. Bank of Montreal NetBanking
  35. Canada Trust
  36. Citizens Bank
  37. Citizens Tri-County Bank
  38. Coeur d'Alene Teachers' Credit Union
  39. Commonwealth Central Credit Union
  40. Crestar Bank
  41. European Federal Credit Bank, Ltd.
  42. First National Bank and Trust
  43. First Union
  44. KAS-Netbank
  45. Nazarene of Nampa Federal Credit Union
  46. nBank
  47. Republic Bank
  48. Schwertner State Bank - offering full account access over the Internet.
  49. Secure-Bank.Com - internet-based merchant transaction processing.
  50. Security First Network Bank
  51. Star One Federal Credit Union - of Sunnyvale, California.
  52. State National Bank
  53. U-Lane-O Credit Union
  54. Online Banking Report - Banks around the world which provide account balance and transaction detail to retail customers over the Web.
  55. Korean-English/English-Korean Dictionary
  56. Cook's Books, The - 'Promoting the art of fine cooking throughout the world'
  57. History of Education, The - an international collection of links to online information about the history of education and childhood: from simple short overviews to academic papers.
  58. Visible Human Project, The - The US National Library of Medicine is creating complete, anatomically detailed, three-dimensional representations of the male and female human body.
  59. Doctor's Guide to the Internet - Medical news, sites of the week, new drugs or indications, doctor's feedback, and an Internet-resource section. Extremely thorough.
  60. MESA - The largest email address book worldwide.
  61. Motion Picture Database - From The Motion Picture Guide, Cinebooks' 23-volume reference landmark, and Ephraim Katz's comprehensive Film Encyclopedia, this search database includes the cast, credits and reviews for more than 30,000 movies released in the U.S., plus filmographies and biographical information on thousands of actors, directors and other filmmakers
  62. Maryland Electronic Capital
  63. Electronic Activist, The - An email address directory of congresspeople, state governments, and media entities.
  64. Oyez Oyez Oyez - provides information about major constitutional cases heard and decided by the Supreme Court; includes digital recordings of the Court's proceedings.
  65. Landings - active community featuring bi-weekly news, professional pilot resources and aviation databases, and expert mediated discussion forums. Maintains classified links from weather to aircraft images to travel.
  66. (A)ir (A)lias - place for pilots and/or skydivers to meet.
  67. AAJP.com - Maryland public use airport resources including maps, and a formatted database of airport information of interest to pilots.
  68. Aero-tourism - collection of resources one would need in order to organize a flying trip abroad.
  69. AeroCrafter - Homebuilt Aircraft Sourcebook - A complete directory of everything to select, build, fly and maintain your own aircraft.
  70. Aeroflight - on-line reference for the serious aviation enthusiast and researcher.
  71. Aeronautical Information Server - Minnesota Department of Transportation - includes educational materials for teachers and students interested in aviation.
  72. AeroWEB - Find news, features, opinions, events and facts about Italian aviation community; information available in both Italian and English.
  73. Air Affair, The - devoted to all manner of flying machines and devices.
  74. Air-Britain Historians Ltd - all aviation enthusiasts worldwide - details of all changes to aircraft registers, airlines, airliners etc.
  75. Aircraft
  76. Aircrew Home Page - Home page for aircrew, including pilots, flight attendants and maintenance personnel. Links to sites of interest in the aviation community.
  77. Airman's Information Manual
  78. AirPage - A ton of information about airplanes and helicopters. Features planes and choppers from many countries and from many time periods - from WWI to today.
  79. Auswings Aviation - offers a range of aviation services from recreational sports-aviation to professional pilot training for future airline pilots.
  80. Avialantic - aviation action with a Mid-Atlantic, Maryland-based flavor. Features events and local flying news.
  81. Aviation Articles by Chas Melichar - reprints of the author's articles from Arizona Flyways.
  82. Aviation Bulletin Board
  83. Aviation Enthusiast corner
  84. Aviation Home Page, The - created to bring the aviation community the easiest reference for information: airlines, airports, weather, news, and much much more.
  85. Aviation in Ottawa - Images and information on historical aircraft on display in local museums or as gate guardians in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada region.
  86. Aviation Information Page - designed to help people in search of FBOs and flight schools.
  87. Aviation Nova Scotia
  88. Aviation on Long Island - report by Jessica McKevitt.
  89. Aviation Page, The - Pilot specific aviation information. Aviation medicine. Aerodynamics. Crash reports. Flying techniques. Assymetric flight.
  90. Aviation Poetry
  91. Aviation Safety Statistical Handbook
  92. Aviation Technical Library - our mission is to provide military, scientific and technical information to military and civilian personnel at the US Army Aviation center and its tenant organizations.
  93. Aviation Weather (gopher)
  94. Aviation Web - find all the aviation info you're looking for and get our newsletter as well.
  95. Aviation Web Stop
  96. AviationNet
  97. Avro Arrow - the definitive site regarding the Avro Arrow. Pictures, stories, descriptions. Its all here.
  98. Berlin General Aviation Server - Mitflugzentrale Deutschland Info und Fluganfänger-Tips!
  99. Bill's Magnificent Flying Machines - histories of airlines and airplanes and plenty of links to aviation-related sites.
  100. Brian Mobb's Aviation Trivia - challenging questions and answers ideal for avitation enthusiasts of all levels.
  101. British Aviation Forum - news, views, features, links and images.
  102. Captain J's Aviation Page - aircraft photos and sounds, as well as aviation poetry and jokes.
  103. Charlie Alpha's UK Aviation Server - UK aviators including contributions from Pilot Magazine
  104. CyberAir Airpark - aviation safety, live ATC audio, museums, and more.
  105. Deltaweb
  106. Eject! - Aviation page - European Airshow Calendar, lots of pics and the Tragic Top 100.
  107. European WWW Aviation Server
  108. Flight Forum - pilot/controller forum with current news, safety and accident information.
  109. Flight Shop Warehouse - a collection of different FSFS planes for Flight Sim 5.x.
  110. Flying Adventures - Quarterly publication for pilots featuring interesting travel/vacation destinations.
  111. Flying Contraptions - pictures and information on odd and wierd 1 man flying devices over the ages.
  112. Flying High BBS - with many links to aviation and flight simulator resources.
  113. Flying Wing Aviation - presented by Dean Rosenlof and Kim Heidt; includes info about flying wings, aviation book reviews, tailless aircraft, EAA air academy, ERAU, AOPA.
  114. Forum de Simulações Aéreas (FSA) - A Brazilian Flight Simulator Group with Conference, Awards Program, Aircraft Factory and much more.
  115. Freedom of Flight - is a collection of photos, stories, books, and other interests for aviators.
  116. General Aviation [Johnson Space Center]
  117. Global Aviation Navigator - the one stop Aviation Information Web Site. Our database includes: FBO's, Aircraft Parts Info, Weather, Aviation Finance and Insurance, Maintenance Centers.
  118. Greg's Aviaiton Page - Complete with photos, sounds, and links to other great aviation pages.
  119. Grumman Goose Page - created by a Grumman Goose enthusiast for other Grumman Goose enthusiasts.
  120. Gus Fraser's Flying Page - leads to many weather items specific to the NE US, plus flight planner.
  121. Hangar, The - Pictures and a whole lot of airplane links.
  122. Hangar.com - general, commercial, experimental, air shows, museums, email addresses.
  123. Home Airport, The - a general purpose aviation site.
  124. Horizons - current issues online.
  125. Hotel Tango Air
  126. Internet Air Force - join the Internet Air Force, for all Flight Sim and Internet play enthusiasts.
  127. Irish Aviation - news and photographs relating to Irish aviation.
  128. Jetwash! - images and history of mostly RAF aircraft. Also with my own ASCII art.
  129. Joe's Single Engine Airplanes - contains video clips.
  130. Luc Van Bavel Aviation Page - Mikoyan Design Bureau Project 815, Fly with me on the F-16, Promavia Jet Squalus and research on composites and FEA. Photo gallery for Le Bourget, Farnborough, MosAeroShow, MiG-29.
  131. Matt Scullin's Aviation Page - aeronautics info, pictures of planes, and trivia.
  132. Matt's Aviation Page - great aviation pictures, trivia, a glossary, and more educational resources.
  133. Maurice Greenaway's Aviation Page - My home page with a Fly-In Guide to Aviation Museums in the UK and details of flying events together with my profile.
  134. Mechanic, The - A newsletter published by and for Aircraft Mechanics. Events concerning The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) are reported in detail.
  135. Mike's Aviation Resource - aircraft jpgs taken mostly at Exeter Airport.
  136. Moni - dedicated to the single seat homebuilt motorglider. Topics covered include safety related information, and a photo gallery.
  137. Nels Anderson's Sky Page - Info and links for flight sim users and real world pilots.
  138. Nick's Air Traffic Control and Aviation - information on air traffic control in the UK, plus many mainly UK aviation links.
  139. Northwest Flyer - An aviation resource for pilots and others interested in aviation in the Pacific Northwest.
  140. Notam - for aviators and non-aviators alike! Penpals, aviation information, flying clubs, resume link list, job opportunties, and more.
  141. ODMS - authoritative source for aeronautical information for all users in the FAA and the aviation community.
  142. Pilot/Controller Glossary [gopher]
  143. Professional Pilots RUmour NEtwork - source for professional pilots to stir things up. Submit some of the rumours that abound in our industry.
  144. Ronair Aviation Services - information about the Sky Arrow aircraft series and the Dragon Fly two seat helicopter. Also aviation articles and accessories.
  145. Russian Aviation Page - This site deals with past, present and future of Russian aviation. You will find recent news, review, bibliography, inline images and movies and much more.
  146. @vaition - weather, safety, jokes photos, links and training.
  147. TeeWinds Studio - civil aviation news and airport movement for aviation enthusiasts and spotters from Japan.
  148. Thor's Flying Page - contains pictures and aircraft information.
  149. Tim's Plane Page
  150. To Fly is Everything - virtual museum covering the invention of the airplane, 1799-1909. The site includes videos of early craft in flight.
  151. U of I - Institute of Aviation Wx Page - compiled list of aviation-related WWW weather links. Especially valuable to Midwest pilots.
  152. UK Aviation Links - collection of related links.
  153. United Kingdom Aviation Statistics
  154. Virtual Aviation
  155. Visual Approach - interactive resource center devoted to flight simulation and aviation enthusiast.
  156. What Do NAVAIDS Look Like?
  157. Wild Blue Yonder - aviation page with pictures, links, and some info on the Air Force.
  158. World Flight 1997 - sixty years after Amelia Earhart took to the skies, pilot Linda Finch embarks on her Lockheed Electra 10E to re-create and complete Earhart's heroic expedition.
  159. World-Wide Aircraft Availability Listing - A tool for the worlds airlines and brokers to make known the availability of their aircraft and engines for sale and lease.
  160. Yet Another Aircraft Page
  161. Stalag 13 BBS Web Page - numerous links to aviation sites
  162. Biplane Adventures, Inc. - sightseeing from the mountains to downtown Los Angeles, from the Hollywood landmarks to the Malibu coast
  163. El Deber
  164. El Diario
  165. Bolivian Times
  166. Los Tiempos
  167. Drudge Families on the Internet, The
  168. 2001 Principle, The - Re-examines and attempts to re-validate the classical 'Argument from Design' using the concept of Cognitive Dissonance and audience reaction to the film '2001 - A Space Odyssey'
  169. CBS Marketwatch
  170. InvestorSquare
  171. Internet Closed-End Fund Investor
  172. AMG Data Services
  173. Mutual Fund Cafe
  174. Investor Home
  175. Microsoft Investor
  176. DBC Online
  177. Motley Fool, The
  178. Morningstar.Net
  179. Yahoo! Finance
  180. Briefing.com
  181. Daily Rocket, The
  182. InvesTOOLS
  183. TheStreet.com
  184. Wall Street City
  185. BigCharts
  186. CNNfn
  187. EDGAR Online
  188. Hoover's Online
  189. InterQuote
  190. Mutual Funds Int
  191. Quote.com
  192. Silicon Investor
  193. World Wide Quotes
  194. Zacks Inv Research

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