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Week of October 6, 1997

  1. Librarian's Guide to Cyberspace - from the American Library Association
  2. Kidinfo - A great way to find both fun stuff and information for completing your homework assignments.
  3. Kids Web - A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids
  4. Educational Hotlists - from the Franklin Institute
  5. Educational Technology Network - "exists to help educators and educational institutions just starting to use technology to improve education"
  6. Access Hollywood
  7. American Journal
  8. Destination Sunday - TBS Superstation
  9. Entertainment Tonight
  10. Inside Edition
  11. Real TV
  12. TV Nation
  13. Up to the Minute - CBS News
  14. Stanford Solar Center - This thorough and well-organized web site contains activities, images, a glossary, and other resources related to the sun. A great site to learn about the sun's magnetic field, sunspots, solar physics, and more.
  15. Explore Science - This site is one of the best we've come across for explaining scientific concepts. Simple Shockwave demos help explain mechanics, life sciences, waves, and more. You'll need the Shockwave plug-in and Netscape 2.0 or better to view the site.
  16. The Visible Embryo - Follow the first four weeks of an embryo's development. The site uses images and Shockwave to demonstrate the process.
  17. The World of Amber - Learn all about amber. This site contains information on the physical properties, geologic occurrences, and other relevant information about this interesting type of fossil
  18. Baby Name Finder - with over 10,000 names to choose from, couldn't you use a little help?
  19. USforces.com - created for military personnel overseas, site has news and guest features, job information, downloadable applications and other resources.
  20. Families in Crisis - works to break the cycle of domestic violence.
  21. Law and Politics Internet Guide
  22. Law Dictionary
  23. HTML Reference Cheat Sheet
  24. Gourmet's Pantry: A Cook's Resource & Online Catalog - hundreds of exceptional foods and culinary items to choose from---plus lots of interesting information about all kinds of unique foods, and many delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes
  25. Urantia Foundation
  26. Skagit Valley Herald
  27. DeVizia Software for Mac
  28. Huntington Banks Online
  29. NETBanker - the Internet supplement to Online Banking Report, a financial services industry newsletter for home banking decision makers.
  30. Banking.com - All your banking needs at one site. Online banking, terminology, banking periodicals, and online financial calculators make Banking.com your one-stop banking site
  31. U.S.Bank
  32. First Chicago NBD Bank
  33. Online Banking Association
  34. Bank Marketing Association
  35. Fannie Mae
  36. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  37. Banks of the World
  38. Union Bank of California
  39. Toronto-Dominion Bank
  40. Royal Bank of Canada
  41. Banks on the Internet - listing of over 1,600 worldwide banks on the Net
  42. World Bank, The
  43. Financial Services Technology Consortium - a consortium of banks, financial services providers, national laboratories, universities, and government agencies who sponsor and participate in non-competitive collaborative research and development on interbank technical projects.
  44. Central Banks of the World
  45. BankWeb
  46. Prime Rate
  47. Bank Rate Monitor- Mortgage, home equity, auto, credit cards, savings and checking.
  48. Bank-CD Rate Scanner - Scanning Over 3,000 Banks in the USA
  49. Interest Calculator - requires JavaScript-enabled browser
  50. BanxQuote - Get daily market quotes and bank rates or select a financial service or product
  51. BankWatch
  52. Cyber-Bank - Cyber-Bank allows you to invest your money in any FDIC insured bank in the U. S. or its territories. It searches its database to find banks offering the highest rates on money market certificates and CD's
  53. CyberCash - transfer funds over the Internet
  54. Cook's Nook - specializes in gourmet foods and gifts
  55. Awesome Library - K-12 Education Directory
  56. Ask the Author
  57. Ask the Aviation Expert
  58. Ask the Census Expert
  59. Ask the Chemist
  60. Ask the College Admissions Counselor
  61. Ask the Dinosaur Expert
  62. Ask the Do It Yourself Expert
  63. Ask the Drug Abuse Expert
  64. Ask the Education Expert (ERIC)
  65. Ask the Exercise Expert
  66. Ask the Fishing Expert
  67. Ask the Fitness Trainer Expert
  68. Ask the Guitar Maker
  69. Ask the Health and Fitness Trainer Expert
  70. Ask the Internet Expert
  71. Ask the Leadership Expert
  72. Ask the Librarian
  73. Ask Mad Scientist
  74. Ask the Magician
  75. Ask the Math Expert
  76. Ask the Museum Curator Expert
  77. Ask the Nutritionist Expert
  78. Ask the Ocean Animals Expert
  79. Ask the Pharmacist Expert
  80. Ask the Reference Librarian
  81. Ask the Science Teacher
  82. Ask the Web Information Finder
  83. Ask the Word Wizard
  84. Army NCO Website
  85. 3D Artists - tutorials, and over 300 individual pieces of artwork

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