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APRIL 2003

  1. National Obituary Archive - The National Obituary Archives is the world's largest repository of obituaries and death records with more than 55 million individual entries on file.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Genealogy Resources
  2. The World’s Famous Orations, William Jennings Bryan, Editor-in-Chief - Two millennia of Western Civilization come into focus through these 281 masterpieces by 213 rhetoricians. Selected under the supervision of the greatest orator of his time, these brief persuasive addresses form both a window into history’s turning points as well as a timeless collection for any reference shelf.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Grammar & Style Resources
  3. Access to Archival Databases - The Access to Archival Databases (AAD) System gives you online access to electronic records that are highly structured, such as in databases. The initial release of AAD contains material from more than 30 archival series of electronic records, which include over 350 data files totaling well over 50 million unique records.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | History Resources
  4. Egyptians - Around five thousand years ago the ancient Egyptians established an extraordinary and enduring civilisation. Their achievements have captured the imagination of the world ever since. This BBC site provides articles, including: "Building the Great Pyramid," "The Decipherment of Hieroglyphs," "The Story of the Nile" and "Ancient Egyptian Magic."
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | History Resources
  5. Islam and Islamic Studies - Regarded by scholars as the most comprehensive academic website on Islam, this Islam and Islamic Studies website was nominated as one of five websites worldwide in the category of "spirituality" for the year 2002 Webby Awards.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | World Religion Resources
  6. Calculate Duration Between Two Dates
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Time and Date Resources
  7. Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth - This NASA site gives you access to all photographs taken since 1961.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Space and Astronomy Resouces
  8. Spacewatch - This site by Space.com offers spectacular images in the latest top space stories.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Space and Astronomy Resouces
  9. The Forbes 500s - America's biggest companies fought their way through another nasty year. Forbes annual 500s directory is a report card on how these big corporations performed in 2002.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Business & Career Resouces
  10. PC Computer Shortcut Keys - Shortcut keys are created to allow easier maneuverability in and between application using your keyboard. This site provides listings of different shortcut keys for basic windows environments as well as major programs. These keys help you get the most out of your programs and get to where you need to go the fastest way available.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Windows Resouces
  11. Climate TimeLine Information Tool - Weather and climate are always in flux, always changing. At times the changes can be sudden and dramatic, while on other occasions the changes are subtle and occur over long periods of time. What are the primary causes and effects of these changes? How do they relate to our everyday lives and to human history? This NOAA site explores these and other questions.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Weather Resouces
  12. Buzz Words and Catch Phrases - Terms discussed at this site include people, places, agencies, technology, jargon and clichés used in the aftermath of the attack on the United States. The glossary is organized by topics: terrorism, war, geopolitics, religion, homeland security, disaster recovery and miscellaneous.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Journalists' Tools
  13. Music Song Lyrics
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Music Resources
  14. Medicaid Resource Book - This reference book describes four pivotal aspects of how the Medicaid program operates -- who it covers, what it covers, how it is financed, and how it is administered. It was written to assist the public and policymakers in understanding the structure and operation of the Medicaid program. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer for the text, pictures or graphs to be read and printed.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Health & Medicine Resources

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