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  1. Thematic Maps - View census data in graphical format for all geographies from the nation to individual Census blocks. Data are available for Census 2000, the 1990 Census, the 1997 Economic Census, and 2001 Population Estimates.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Map Resources
  2. 1Up Info - a portal with a difference.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Encyclopedia Resources
  3. Reference Maps - Locate states, counties, urban areas, school districts, places, zip codes, census tracts, census blocks, and other Census geographies.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Map Resources
  4. The Columbia Gazetteer of North America - With 50,000 entries, this most comprehensive encyclopedia of geographical places and features will prove invaluable to anyone for whom places hold fascination and who require accurate data about them. It covers every incorporated place and county in the United States, along with several thousand unincorporated places, special-purpose sites, and physical features, as well as Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Map Resources
  5. Laser Eye Surgery - If you're tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses, you may be considering Lasik eye surgery one of the newest procedures to correct vision problems. Before you sign up for the surgery, get a clear picture of what you can expect. This U.S. National Library of Medicine site presents a Laser Eye Surgery factsheet.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Health & Medicine Resources
  6. Mapping Your Future - This site is sponsored by a group of guaranty agencies who participate in the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP). They are committed to providing information about higher education and career opportunities. Mapping Your Future's mission is to counsel students and families about college, career, and financial aid choices through a state-of-the-art, public service web site.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Education & Teaching Resources
  7. Stay Safe Online - Securing your personal computer plays a crucial role in protecting our nation's Internet infrastructure. This web site is designed to give you the information needed to secure your home or small business computer. You'll find tips on how to safeguard your system, a self-guided cyber security test, educational materials, and other Internet resources, as well as valuable information from our sponsor organizations.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Internet Resources
  8. Middle Eastern Recipes
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Food and Recipes Resources
  9. Historical Hurricane Tracks - This Historical Hurricane Tracking tool by NOAA is an interactive mapping application that allows you to easily search and display 150 years of Atlantic Basin tropical cyclone data.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Weather Resources

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