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"Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves,
or we know where we can find information upon it."

- Samuel Johnson


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8/1/06   Library of Congress
   The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution and serves as the research arm of Congress. It is also the largest library in the world, with more than 130 million items on approximately 530 miles of bookshelves. The collections include more than 29 million books and other printed materials, 2.7 million recordings, 12 million photographs, 4.8 million maps, and 58 million manuscripts.
8/2/06   Monterey Bay Aquarium
   The mission of this award-winning web site is to inspire, enrich and extend a visit to the aquarium, while fostering a deeper commitment and connection to the institution and ocean conservation.
8/3/06   2006: Kids Count
   Data from the 2006 Kids Count Data Book are now available in and easy-to-use, powerful online database, "State Level Data Online", that allows you to generate custom graphs, maps, ranked lists, and state-by-state profiles, or, download the entire data set as delimited text files.
8/4/06   Britannica Concise Encyclopedia
   A one-volume online encyclopedia that includes 25,000 short entries.
8/5/06   Radio-Locator
   Welcome to Radio-Locator, the most comprehensive radio station search engine on the internet. Links to over 10,000 radio station web pages and over 2500 audio streams from radio stations in the U.S. and around the world.
8/6/06   DOGS: Wolf, Myth, Hero & Friend
   Today, dogs enhance the lives of millions in countless ways, but they are also some of humans' oldest friends. Ancient clues like cave paintings and burials reveal that dogs and people have lived together for thousands of years. But why have humans formed such close relationships with dogs, and not cows or chickens? This site examines the facts on dogs and explores what makes the human/dog relationship so unique.
8/7/06   Gov.com
   GOV.com is a partnership of private enterprise and public-sector government news and information bureaus, with the goal of delivering official information from official government sources, preserving the highest level of information integrity. GOV.com serves everyone from academics seeking verifiable source data and statistics for analysis to individuals seeking government news and policy untainted by media editing, opinion or commentary.
8/8/06   HealthAtoZ
   HealthAtoZ.com is a comprehensive, well-integrated health and medical resource developed by health care professionals. HealthAtoZ.com aims to improve health care by empowering consumers with the online health programs, information and technology that help them make healthy lifestyle changes for themselves and their families.
8/9/06   How the U.S. Customs Service Works
   This edition of How Stuff Works answers questions designed to help you prepare for your next international trip by explaining how customs works. Since customs laws vary so much from one country to the next, the site focuses on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and some of the laws that govern what you can and cannot bring back into the U.S. Related site: How Airport Security Works.
8/10/06   Google Earth
   Google Earth puts a planet's worth of imagery and other geographic information right on your desktop. View exotic locales like Maui and Paris as well as points of interest such as local restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more.
8/11/06   The Solar Guide
   Welcome to the first website that makes solar energy accessible and understandable to you. The Solar Guide aims to give consumers the practical information they want, about buying solar and renewable energy systems.
8/12/06   NameVoyager
   The Baby Name Wizard's NameVoyager is an interactive portrait of America's name choices. Start with a "sea" of nearly 5000 names. Type a letter, and you'll zoom in to focus on how that initial has been used over the past century. Then type a few more letters, or a name. Each stripe is a timeline of one name, its width reflecting the name's changing popularity. If a name intrigues you, click on its stripe for a closer look.
8/13/06   OnGuard Online
   OnGuardOnline.gov provides practical tips from the federal government and the technology industry to help you be on guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer, and protect your personal information.
8/14/06   New U.S. Flight Travel Security Procedures
   The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) has changed security screening procedures at all U.S. airports, banning liquids and gels at security checkpoints and aboard flights. This means that you will not be permitted to bring any liquids or gels past the screening checkpoint or on board, with a few exceptions. Small doses of liquid medications will be allowed through the security checkpoint and onboard airplanes, a slight adjustment from the original ban, which was implemented on August 10, 2006.
8/15/06   Inside the Brain
   An Interactive Tour explains basic concepts about the brain and what happens to it in Alzheimer's disease. Viewers navigate at their own pace through 16 illustrated screens and follow colored text links that highlight key areas and special features of each illustration.
8/16/06   Consumer Reports: Nursing Home Guide
   An investigation by Consumer Reports found that the state agencies responsible for overseeing nursing home care have often failed to correct problems. But consumers can increase their odds of choosing a good nursing home if they narrow their search to certain types. This site presents the Consumer Reports 'Nursing Home Quality Monitor' - a guide that identifies nursing homes that are likely to provide better-quality care and those likely to provide poorer-quality care. Also available is a state-by-state breakdown of findings.
8/17/06   Interstate 50th Anniversary Web Site
   The Interstate System has been called the Greatest Public Works Project in History. From the day President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, the Interstate System has been a part of our culture - as construction projects, as transportation in our daily lives, and as an integral part of the American way of life. Also available, Interstate FAQ
8/18/06   CIA: The World Factbook
   The U.S. government's complete geographical handbook, featuring 267 full-color maps and flags of all nations. Each country profile tracks such demographics as population, ethnicity and literacy rates, as well as political, geographical and economic data.
8/19/06   The Old Farmer's Almanac
   Fun and practical information for everyday life including moon calendars, planting charts, recipes, weather predictions, and more.
8/20/06   Infoplease Biography
   Biographical profiles and special features about newsworthy people around the world. Searchable by subject or category.
8/21/06   Rand McNally Driving Directions
   Driving directions between locations in the U.S. Related site: Reference Desk: Maps.
8/22/06   The Universal Currency Converter
   Site offers interactive foreign exchange rate conversion using live, up-to-the-minute currency rates.
8/23/06   National Geographic MapMachine: Country Profiles
   Offers maps for just about every place on Earth, viewable by population, climate, conservation, and topography. Also features antique maps, trail maps, and country facts. Related site: Reference Desk: Countries.
8/24/06   OneLook Dictionary
   Think of this web site as a search engine for words and phrases: If you have a word for which you'd like a definition or translation, site will take you to the web-based dictionaries that define or translate that word. More than 5 million words in more than 900 online dictionaries are indexed by the OneLook search engine
8/25/06   USPS Domestic Calculator
   Provides assistance on calculating postal rates for domestic U.S. and international mail by package type, ZIP code, and weight information.
8/26/06   100 Milestone Documents that Shaped America
   The People's Vote, co-sponsored by the National Archives and Records Administration, National History Day, and U.S. News & World Report, invited Americans of all ages and educational backgrounds to vote for 10 of 100 milestone documents drawn mainly from the holdings of the National Archives.
8/27/06   Legal Information Institute: Supreme Court Collection
   This site by the Cornell Law School features a collection of nearly all Supreme Court opinions issued since May of 1990, as well as a current schedule, a gallery of justices, and a glossary.
8/28/06   GovEngine.com
   Site contains over 17,000 federal, state, and local governmental links.
8/29/06   Hurricane Katrina: One Year Later
   $4.25 billion was raised for Katrina-related relief and recovery. Now, a year later, we all want to know just how far over $4 billion went towards relieving the victims' suffering and rebuilding the region. This site is from Charity Navigator, an organization that provides analysis and rating of charities. Related sites: Katrina's Impact / Baseline Survey Results: Hurricane Katrina Community Advisory Group / Yahoo: Hurricane Katrina Full Coverage.
8/30/06   The American Heritage Book of English Usage
   With a detailed look at grammar, style, diction, word formation, gender, social groups and scientific forms, this valuable reference work is ideal for students, writers, academicians and anybody concerned about proper writing style. Related site: Purdue Univ. Online Writing Lab: Resources for Documenting Sources.
8/31/06   Yahoo! Education
   Everything you need to help you find, apply, and get into the right school. School search, admissions tips, test preparation, financial aid, scholarships, school rankings, and more. Also, Homework Help and Sample Tests.

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