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JULY 2003

  1. Highlights of the Supreme Court's 2002-2003 Term - This site by the Cornell Law School, presents summaries of recent Supreme Court decisions. During the past term the Supreme Court ruled on: Affirmative Action, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law and Procedure, First Amendment, Fifth Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, Intellectual Property, Foreign Policy, Foreign Sovereignty, and Voting Rights.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Legal Resources
  2. Encyclopedia of Finance - The Encyclopedia of Finance is an excellent resource for basic financial information. It explains financial concepts in a straightforward and easy-to-understand way and is a great companion for the Guide to Online Investing. Happen across a term you don't understand in the Guide to Investing? Search the Encyclopedia for an explanation. Or simply browse the Encyclopedia's tutorials to learn more about financial basics.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Encyclopedia Resources
  3. The Stars and Stripes - From February 8, 1918, to June 13, 1919, by order of General John J. Pershing, the United States Army published a newspaper for its forces in France, The Stars and Stripes. This online collection, presented by the Serial and Government Publications Division of the Library of Congress, includes the complete seventy-one-week run of the newspaper's World War I edition.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | History Resources
  4. Sampler: New Words in Meriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary - Once a decade, Merriam-Webster updates its best-selling dictionary includes 10,000 new words and more than 100,000 new meanings and revisions among its 225,000 definitions. This site presents an overview of news words added.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Dictionary & Language Resources
  5. Art of the First Cities - This Web site is designed to complement "Art of the First Cities," on view at the Metropolitan Museum through August 17, 2003. The landmark exhibition surveys the flourishing of the world’s earliest civilizations in Mesopotamia and surrounding regions—stretching from the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean across Iran and Central Asia to the Indus Valley—during one of the most seminal and creative periods in history.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Culture & Art Resources
  6. Photographs: America from the Great Depression to WWII - The core of the collection consists of about 164,000 black-and-white photographs. This release provides access to over 160,000 of these images; future additions will expand the black-and-white offering.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Photography Resources
  7. Doctors Without Borders: Life in the Field - In 2002, National Geographic film crews followed Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) volunteers into parts of the world affected by violence, famine, and disease. The result is Doctors Without Borders: Life in the Field, a weekly television series narrated by Kiefer Sutherland featuring 30 MSF projects in more than 20 different countries and profiling more than 45 MSF volunteers – an unprecedented examination of life in the field with one of the world’s leading independent medical humanitarian aid organization.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Health & Medicine Resources
  8. Older Adult Drivers Fact Sheet - This fact sheet from the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control publishes statistics on older drivers along with information about national programs and research on senior driving. A bibliography is also included.
    Listed at:   Facts Encyclopedia | Health & Medicine Resources

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