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"Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves,
or we know where we can find information upon it."

- Samuel Johnson


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11/1/07   StateHealthFacts.org
   Statehealthfacts.org is a project of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and is designed to provide free, up-to-date, and easy-to-use health data on all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the United States. Statehealthfacts.org provides data on over 500 health, health care, and health policy topics.
11/2/07   Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection
   At this comprehensive site, you will find many different types of maps along with links to related maps all over the Internet. Available sections include: country maps, city maps, detailed maps, thematic maps, historical maps, country and thematic maps on other web sites.
11/3/07   GovBudget.com
   GovBudget.com is a publication of The Federal Budget Group LLC, led by Charles S. Konigsberg, veteran budget and fiscal policy advisor to three U.S. Senators and three White House Budget Directors. This site offers a user-friendly web portal to the Federal Budget. Site goal is to provide clear, accurate and nonpartisan information on how our government raises and spends nearly $3 trillion per year.
11/4/07   Thinks.com
   Welcome to Thinks.com, the place for family-friendly fun fare! Whether you are young or old, we have an incredible collection of games, puzzles and recreations to keep you pleasantly entertained for many, many hours.
11/5/07   Solar Decathlon
   The Solar Decathlon joins 20 college and university teams in a competition to design, build, and operate the most attractive and energy-efficient solar-powered house. The U.S Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy is the primary sponsor of the Solar Decathlon.
11/6/07   Insure Kids Now!
   Your children may be eligible for free or low-cost health insurance! Kids that do not currently have health insurance are likely to be eligible, even if you are working. The states have different eligibility rules, but in most states, uninsured children 18 years old and younger, whose families earn up to $34,100 a year (for a family of four) are eligible. To learn more, go to Your State's Program or make a free call to 1-877-KIDS-NOW for more information.
11/7/07   StumbleUpon
   StumbleUpon helps you channel surf the internet and discover great websites, videos, pictures, blogs and more - all according to your interests. As you Stumble and rate the sites you visit (using a thumbs up/down), StumbleUpon learns what you like and is able to deliver you better recommendations.
11/8/07   The Presidential Timeline of the Twentieth Century
   The Presidential Timeline provides a single point of access to an ever-growing selection of digitized assets from the collections of the twelve Presidential Libraries of the National Archives. Among these assets you'll find documents, photographs, audio recordings, and video relating to the events of the presidents' lives. The goal of the project is to make these resources readily and freely available to students, educators, and adult learners throughout the world.
11/9/07   Medical Dictionary
   MedTerms online medical dictionary is the medical reference for MedicineNet.com, containing easy-to-understand explanations of over 16,000 medical terms. This online medical dictionary provides quick access to hard-to-spell and often misspelled medical definitions through an extensive alphabetical listing.
11/10/07   FullBooks.com
   This site offers thousands of full text free books. With a limited interface, this site will be most useful if you know the title of the book you would like to read.
11/11/07   Official Veterans Day Web Site
   Armistice Day officially became a holiday in the United States in 1926, and a national holiday 12 years later. On June 1, 1954, the name was changed to Veterans Day to honor all U.S. veterans. In 1968, new legislation changed the national commemoration of Veterans Day to the fourth Monday in October. It soon became apparent, however, that November 11 was a date of historic significance to many Americans. Therefore, in 1978 Congress returned the observance to its traditional date. Related sites: InfoPlease: Veterans Day / Library of Congress: Veterans History Project / Moving Tributes.
11/12/07   Arts & Letters Daily
   News, reviews, latest trends, breakthroughs, disputes, and gossip in arts and culture.
11/13/07   2008 Central
   2008 Central seeks to become the single most comprehensive information source for the upcoming 2008 Presidential Election. What you can expect from 2008 Central: Non-partisan coverage of candidates; Campaign analysis; Access to videos of campaign stops, speeches and interviews; Quality information, and Frequent updates.
11/14/07   All Acronyms
   All-acronyms.com is a free website with more than 600,000 published abbreviations. Initially, the web site was developed, supported and privately used by a group of acronym enthusiasts. It was moved to public sector in 2005. These days with the support of its editors and users All-Acronyms.com covers more and more abbreviated terms. The main purpose of the site is to have a convenient lookup tool for those who need to quickly find an acronym definition.
11/15/07   U.S. Drought Portal
   The U.S. Drought Portal was officially launched on November 1, 2007. It was created to provide comprehensive information on emerging and ongoing droughts, and to enhance the nation's drought preparedness. The Drought Portal is part of the National Integrated Drought Information System, which was recommended by the Western Governors Association in 2004 and enacted into law in 2006.
11/16/07   San Francisco Public Library: Amusing America
   Amusing America is the premiere exhibition of the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society, co-sponsored by the San Francisco Public Library with support from the California State Library. Amusing America is the story of participatory commercial amusements in American cities - San Francisco in particular - and how they changed the way Americans lived.
11/17/07   Blinkx Video Search
   blinkx is the world's largest and most advanced video search engine. Fed by automatic spiders that crawl the web for audio video content and content partnerships with over 200 leading content and media companies, blinkx uses visual analysis and speech recognition to better understand rich media content. Users can search for content, create personal TV channels that automatically splice relevant content together.
11/18/07   Core Health Indicators: Country, Indicator and Year Selection
   These are the latest Core Health Indicators from World Health Organization sources, including 'World Health Statistics 2006' and 'The World Health Report, 2006 Edition'. With this query system, you can construct tables for any combination of countries, indicators and years.
11/19/07   House Cleaning & Housekeeping Advice, Hints & Tips
   The Housekeeping Channel strives to be the Web's most comprehensive storehouse of information and resources to help households everywhere achieve a cleaner, more organized and healthier indoor environment. The site provides how-to tutorials, plus news and reviews regarding the latest innovations from the cleaning products industry to improve the home environment. Resources include time-saving systems, tools and motivation for keeping a better house at the click of a mouse.
11/20/07   How Caffeine Works
   Around 90 percent of Americans consume caffeine in one form or another every single day. More than half of all American adults consume more than 300 milligrams of caffeine every day, making it America's most popular drug by far. The caffeine comes in from things like coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, etc. Have you ever wondered what it is that makes caffeine so popular? What does this drug do that causes its use to be so widespread? In this HowStuffWorks article, you will learn all about caffeine.
11/21/07   Guidelines: Women and Heart Disease
   Nearly all American women are in danger of heart disease or stroke and should be more aggressive about lowering their risk - including asking their doctors about daily aspirin use, the American Heart Association said in new guidelines released February 19, 2007. Take the free American Heart Association Heart CheckUp. Related sites: CDC Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention | New heart guidelines for women stress aspirin.
11/22/07   How Thanksgiving Works
   Thanksgiving stands out in the holiday season because it is open to just about everybody. It isn't tied to any specific religion, and you can pretty much celebrate it however you want. The only essential traditions are to enjoy a meal with friends or family and to give thanks for what you have. Have you ever wondered where the particulars of this story and the other details of Thanksgiving actually come from? In this HowStuffWorks article, you'll learn the origins of the many things associated with Thanksgiving Day. Related sites: How to Fix 10 Common Thanksgiving Problems | Epicurious.com: Thanksgiving Recipes and Cooking Tips | SFGate Thanksgiving Holiday Guide.
11/23/07   100 Most Often Mispronounced Words and Phrases in English
   Here are the 100 words most often mispronounced English words ('mispronunciation' among them). There are spelling rules in English even if they are difficult to understand, so pronouncing a word correctly usually does help you spell it correctly.
11/24/07   Exploring Google's Hidden Features
   Google is a great search engine, but it's also more than that. Google has tons of hidden features, some of which are quite fun and most of which are extremely useful - if you know about them. How do you discover all these hidden features within the Google site? Read on to learn more.
11/25/07   NOAA All-Hazard Monitor
   This resource by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, offers the latest updates on US severe weather and hazardous conditions. Related sites: Active US Weather Warnings | Current US Wind Chill Temps.
11/26/07   MapQuest Gas Prices: Find the Lowest Gas Prices Near You
   This site provides information on gas prices at more than 100,000 stations around the country, as well as the location of stations offering diesel and alternative fuels, gas saving tips and more. Finding gas stations online is one of the many place searches that users can perform with MapQuest's renowned and comprehensive Points of Interest database, which contains more than 15 million places. Utilizing pricing data from Oil Pricing Information Service (OPIS), a leading provider of petroleum spot, rack and retail news and pricing information, which is updated up to seven times per day, the site allows users to easily find fuel stations, get maps and directions and check gas prices all in one place.
11/27/07   Hand washing: A simple way to prevent infection
   Hand washing is a simple habit that can help keep you healthy. At this Mayo Clinic site, learn about the benefits of good hand hygiene, as well as when to wash your hands and how to clean them properly.
11/28/07   HubbleSite Wallpaper
   Over fifty spectacular snapshots by the Hubble Telescope lets you wander the universe from your desktop. Related site: Hubble's Picture Album.
11/29/07   Understanding Your Telephone Bill
   Consumers are often confused by the various charges and items on their monthly telephone bills. The Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) Truth-in-Billing rules require telephone companies to provide clear, non-misleading, plain language in describing services for which you are being billed. Because one telephone company, usually your local telephone company, may include charges you incurred for another company's service on your bill, the company sending you the bill must identify the service provider associated with each charge.
11/30/07   How Chocolate Works
   Chocolate is a favorite for kids and adults alike. Chocolate bars, chocolate fudge, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk, chocolate cereal, hot chocolate, chocolate sauce... There is something special about this substance -- so special that the average person in the United States eats 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of chocolate every year! Have you ever wondered where chocolate comes from? This edition of HowStuffWorks helps you understand exactly what you're eating.

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