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Campaign 2000

Excite Elections - has voting related headlines, links to message boards, and more.
Project Vote Smart - database of over 40,000 candidates for public office

  1. - Follow the top Republican campaigns
  2. Alternative Vote 2000 - Alternative Vote 2000 says it wants to rock the electorate with a "raw, heady mix of activist political journalism and canny commentary." For anyone who's shed political blinders.
  3. Annenberg Public Policy Center - University of Pennsylvania-affiliated research center studies the role of advertising and the media in federal politics, including the use of 'issue ads' in campaigns.
  4. - "Do reporters ask the questions you want answered? Not always. Now, for the first time, you can get the answers you want straight from the politicians with the help of Participate in chats, polls and get the latest information available in politics today."
  5. Bradley, Bill for President - official site
  6. Brookings Institution, The - "...serves as a bridge between scholarship and public policy, bringing new knowledge to the attention of decisionmakers and affording scholars a better insight into public policy issues."
  7. Browne, Harry for President
  8. Buchanan 2000 Web Site
  9. Bush, George W.
  10. Cato Foundation - Policy papers by libertarian-oriented think tank, which generally favors full deregulation of campaign finance system.
  11. Center for Public Integrity - Non-partisan research group that conducts analyses of government ethics, public service, and public policy issues.
  12. Common Cause - "Citizens working to end special-interest politics and reform government ethics."
  13. Council on Foreign Relations: Campaign 2000 - "Welcome to Campaign 2000, the first public website dealing exclusively with foreign policy and the U.S. presidential election."
  14. Council of State Governments - "Your one link to the States."
  15. Democratic National Committee
  16. Election 2000 Materials - explore source documents from the contested 2000 Election, including documents from the U.S Supreme Court and the Florida Supreme Court.
  17. FECInfo - "A place to discover who gave what to which Federal candidates when..."
  18. Federal Election Commission - Images of hard copies of campaign finance reports by candidates, parties, and PACs and other information from the U.S. agency that oversees campaign finance laws.
  19. - " is a free, nonpartisan site that introduces video-on-demand into American politics. This site offers voters and the media the first-ever one-stop shop for the video views of candidates and issue groups."
  20. Freedom of Information Center - "We're here to serve the general public and the media on questions about access to government documents and information. Established in 1958, the center now has a collection of more than 1 million articles and documents about access to information, at the state, federal and local levels, in addition to a wide collection of online document accessible through its webpage."
  21. House, The
  22. Keyes, Alan for President
  23. LaRouche, Lyndon
  24. Library of Congress - The Legislative Branch
  25. McCain, John for President
  26. Nader, Ralph for President
  27. - "A non-partisan, issue-oriented research site that provides information to individuals, voters and students who are interested in understanding the major issues facing our nation today."
  28. OnPolitics - Up-to-the-minute coverage of all campaign 2000 races, produced by the Washington Post
  29. - "Your guide to the money in American elections."
  30. - includes a wealth of information about U.S. and world politics.
  31. Political Satire - "Where no cow is sacred-- Especially politicians, pundits, activists, celebrities, government officials, & junk science."
  32. Presidential Campaign Rhetoric 2000 - site is an election resource for voters, politicians, academics, and the press by offering analysis of how the candidates discuss/present/spin the issues.
  33. Project Vote Smart - database of over 40,000 candidates for public office, from the White House to your local state legislature. Each candidate is profiled in five subject areas: backgrounds, issue positions, voting records, campaign finances, and performance evaluations made by various liberal and conservative special-interest groups.
  34. Public Citizen - Ralph Nader-founded consumer group monitors Congress and lobbies on a range of consumer, health, safety, and good government issues - including campaign finance.
  35. Republican National Committee
  36. Reform Party of the USA
  37. Roll Call Online
  38. Scoping the Polls
  39. Senate, The
  40. Think Tanks Listing - comprehensive list of Think Tanks developed by The Council of State Governments
  41. Thomas: Congress' Official Site - Includes searchable databases for bill status, sponsors of legislation, and committee actions. Congressional Record online, plus links to member and committee home pages, are also here.
  42. - " is a fully interactive web site designed to give Internet users a voice on important public issues and other topics."
  43. Voting and Registration Data" U.S. Census Bureau
  44. Web Watch - CNN - New political site featured every day
  45. White House, The
  46. WhiteHouse 2000 - Listing of Candidates
  47. Yahoo! Full Coverage Election 2000

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