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Top U.S. Newspapers

This is a list of the top 100 newspapers in the United States, by circulation, including daily and Sunday circulation, respectively. These figures are for a six-month period ending on March 31, 2007.

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See Also: 2006 Version of this data.

See Also: 2010 Version of this data.

Editor's note: Circulation data for US newspapers is no longer made public after rapid declines in paper print circulation, particularly after year 2010. Current information is now only available from paid information services.

1USA Today (Arlington, VA)2,278,022
2Wall Street Journal (New York, NY)2,062,312
3Times (New York, NY)1,120,420
4Times (Los Angeles, CA)815,723
5Post (New York, NY)724,748
6Daily News (New York, NY)718,174
7Post (Washington, DC)699,130
8Tribune (Chicago, IL)566,827
9Chronicle (Houston, TX)503,114
10Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ)433,731
11Morning News (Dallas, TX)411,919
12Newsday (Melville, NY)398,231
13Chronicle (San Francisco, CA)386,564
14Globe (Boston, MA)382,503
15Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ)372,629
16Journal-Constitution (Atlanta, GA)357,399
17Inquirer (Philadelphia, PA)352,593
18Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN)345,252
19Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH)344,704
20News/Free Press (Detroit, MI)329,989
21Times (St. Petersburg, FL)322,771
22Oregonian (Portland, OR)319,625
23Union-Tribune (San Diego, CA)296,331
24Register (Orange County, CA)284,613
25Bee (Sacramento, CA)279,032
26Post-Dispatch (St. Louis, MO)278,999
27Herald (Miami, FL)272,299
28Star (Indianapolis, IN)261,405
29Star (Kansas City, MO)260,724
30Post (Denver, CO)254,058
31Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO)253,834
32Express-News (San Antonio, TX)236,918
33Sun (Baltimore, MD)232,138
34Mercury News (San Jose, CA)230,870
35Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI)230,220
36Tribune (Tampa, FL)226,990
37Sentinel (Orlando, FL)226,854
38South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL)226,591
39Times (Seattle, WA)219,722
40Dispatch (Colombus, OH)218,940
41Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY)218,796
42Daily Oklahoman (Oklahoma City, OK)216,441
43Observer (Charlotte, NC)215,379
44Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)213,352
45Star-Telegram (Fort Worth, TX)210,990
46Enquirer/Post (Cincinnati, OH)206,320
47News (Detroit, MI)202,029
48Herald (Boston, MA)201,513
49Pioneer Press (St. Paul, MN)191,591
50Times-Dispatch (Richmond, VA)186,441
51World-Herald (Omaha, NE)184,150
52Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk, VA)183,024
53Democrat-Gazette (Little Rock, AR)182,789
54News (Buffalo, NY)181,540
55News & Observer (Raleigh, NC)177,361
56Courant (Hartford, CT)175,759
57Post (W. Palm Beach, FL)175,495
58Tennessean (Nashville, TN)174,073
59American-Statesman (Austin, TX)173,579
60Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA)172,593
61Review-Journal (Las Vegas, NV)172,366
62Record (Hackensack, NJ)170,408
63Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek, CA)168,362
64Bee (Fresno, CA)157,546
65Times-Union (Jacksonville, FL)155,590
66Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, NY)154,599
67Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)151,190
68Tribune-Review (Greensburg, PA)150,253
69Journal (Providence, RI)148,700
70Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)146,252
71Register (Des Moines, IA)146,050
72News (Birmingham, AL)145,655
73Daily News (Los Angeles, CA)145,528
74Asbury Park Press (Neptune, NJ)145,508
75Advertiser (Honolulu, HI)141,934
76Press (Grand Rapids, MI)133,107
77Tribune/Deseret News (Salt Lake City UT)128,186
78Times/Post-Intelligencer (Seattle, WA)128,012
79Blade (Toledo, OH)125,956
80Journal News (White Plains, NY)122,479
81Beacon Journal (Akron, OH)122,388
82Daily News (Dayton, OH)121,574
83La Opinion (Los Angeles, CA)121,026
84World (Tulsa, OK)120,583
85News-Sentinel (Knoxville, TN)119,172
86News Tribune (Tacoma, WA)119,077
87Herald-Tribune (Sarasota, FL)118,328
88Daily Star (Tucson, AZ)116,345
89News Journal (New Castle, DE)114,435
90Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY)113,991
91Daily News (Philadelphia, PA)113,951
92Herald-Leader (Lexington, KY)111,124
93Morning Call (Allentown, PA)108,886
94State (Columbia, SC)106,053
95Journal (Albuquerque, NM)105,966
96News-Journal (Daytona Beach, FL)104,919
97Times (Washington, DC)100,258
98The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC)100,143
99Press-Register (Mobile, AL)99,742
100East Valley Tribune (Mesa, AZ)99,711

Source: Audit Bureau of Circulation.

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