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"Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves,
or we know where we can find information upon it."

- Samuel Johnson

MAR 2021

Previous Archives

3/1/21    Virtual Tours of Ireland
   Let them take you on an inspirational journey across the Island of Ireland. This website merges high quality, 360° virtual tours with a searchable, tourism centred online platform.
3/2/21    10 free online classes from Harvard to learn something new
   When we spend so much of our time online, we’re bound to learn something while clicking and scrolling. Discover something new with Mashable’s series I learned it on the internet. All you need is an internet connection to take certain Harvard courses for free in the comfort of your own home, thanks to the university's fabulous online learning portal.
3/3/21    Free Basic Computer Skills Tutorials
   Looking to learn basic computer skills or upgrade the skills you already have? You've come to the right place.
3/4/21    Science Museum Group
   The Science Museum Group cares for a diverse and internationally significant collection of 7.3 million items from science, technology, engineering, medicine, transport, and media. By the first to see their collection online.
3/5/21    Deck of Cards Reimagined: A New Way to Play Cards.
   Create an online card game with this virtual deck of playing cards. Have each card game instantly available to play with friends or family on any modern web browser.
3/6/21    11 Microwave Shortcuts Every Home Cook Should Know
   There are many tasks better suited to microwaves than other traditional heating elements. From dehydrating herbs to par-cooking potatoes to toasting nuts, these 11 uses will put even the most adamant skeptics in their place.
3/7/21    Buy Nothing Project
   The Buy Nothing Project began when two friends, Rebecca Rockefeller and Liesl Clark, created an experimental hyper-local gift economy on Bainbridge Island, WA, in July 2013. Since then, it has become a worldwide social movement, with groups in 30 nations. Local groups form gift economies that are complementary and parallel to local cash economies; whether people join because they’d like to quickly get rid of things that are cluttering their lives, or simply to save money by getting things for free, they quickly discover that our groups are not just another free recycling platform. A gift economy’s real wealth is the people involved and the web of connections that forms to support them.
3/8/21    Habits to drop in 2021—and what to do instead
   Let’s stop pretending we can predict the future. These new habits will help you thrive in 2021, even in the midst of change.
3/9/21    Learn all about personal finance; for free!
   We make your learning personalized, bite-sized, and fun. Play quizzes, earn rewards, and join the community!
3/10/21    Sixty-two Films That Shaped the Art of Documentary Filmmaking
   The idea of a documentary has shifted according to our possibilities during the past hundred years. Our artistic preoccupations of their creators have not changed radically in that time.
3/11/21    How to Read a Topo Map
   A magnetized compass and a paper map are part of our Ten Essentials. Learning to read that paper topographic map is every bit as essential. Your map will then be able to tell you a richly detailed tale about the terrain you’ll be exploring.
3/12/21    Find the First Recorded Use of Words
   Like a time traveler, you can select a date to see all the words first used in print during that year.
   They are the world's largest and most comprehensive directory and search engine for acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms on the Internet. holds hundreds of thousands of entries organized by a large variety of categories, from computing and the Web to governmental, medicine, and business. It is maintained and expanded by a large community of passionate editors.
3/14/21    Ten Breakthrough Technologies in 2021
   This list marks 20 years since MIT began compiling an annual selection of the year’s most important technologies. Some, such as mRNA vaccines, are already changing our lives, while others are still a few years off. Here you’ll find a brief description along with a link to a feature article that probes each technology in detail.
3/15/21    The Pandemic: One Year Later
   One year ago, the coronavirus outbreak was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Last spring ushered in a year of loss and disruption, and nothing feels like it will ever be the same again. These stories take stock of a time none of us were prepared for.
3/16/21    Nature Sound Map
   Nature Soundmap is a fun and interactive to explore the natural sounds of our planet. Professional nature recordists worldwide collaborated to combine satellite images with high-quality field recordings. The project combines some of nature’s most beautiful, engaging, and inspiring sounds.
3/17/21    Animated Engines
   Here you will find animated illustrations that explain various engines' inner workings, including Stirling, steam, and internal combustion types. You can even adjust the speed they run!
3/18/21    Global Coal Countdown Dashboard
   The Bloomberg Global Coal Countdown has one singular mission: to track and countdown the world's remaining coal plant units as decision-makers across governments and the private sector work together to accelerate the transition to a clean energy future.
3/19/21    The short-term, middle-term, and long-term future of the coronavirus
   When experts envision the future of the coronavirus, many predict that it will become a seasonal pathogen that won’t be much more than a nuisance for most of us who have been vaccinated or previously exposed to it. But how long will that process take — and how much damage will the virus inflict in the interim?
3/20/21    These 6 podcasts will make you smarter
   They say knowledge is power, so what better way to supercharge your skills than by mainlining information directly into those two wonderful auditory receptors that flank your brain? Yes, we’re talking podcasts, and while the official count has reached north of a bajillion, here are six that are sure to sharpen your smarts.
3/21/21    Common Ingredients in Recipes Analyzer
   Ever wonder what ingredients are in the average pesto recipe or which ones to include in your chicken soup? Find the most common ingredients in any general recipe, like bolognese or piccata. Learn how much of each ingredient recipes typically contain and what pairs well with them.
3/22/21    Here’s How Much Time Americans Have Saved By Not Commuting Over the Last Year (by City)
   COVID-19 has turned the entire world upside down, and so many of us have lost family members and friends to this terrible disease. It’s also caused us to change many of our daily habits and live our lives in a completely different manner. But for all of the negatives, there have been some positive things to come of this pandemic. One of which is that more people have been working from home for the past year, avoiding the exhausting, stressful, time-consuming, and toxic-for-the-environment commutes that tens of millions of Americans continued day in and day out for years. The future of remote work has greatly improved over the last year.
3/23/21    5 hidden Google gems you aren’t using—yet
   For a tool most of us use every day to find stuff on the web, Google has more than a few helpful tricks up its sleeve that aren’t super apparent unless you know where to look.
3/24/21    Tips from neuroscience to keep you focused on hard tasks
   Everyone experiences the struggles of difficult tasks. They have been made all the worse with lockdowns, home-schooling, and other lifestyle changes due to the pandemic. Everyone experiences bouts of procrastination or work-avoidance, and the guilt that comes with them. There is no avoiding these experiences entirely, but there are some strategies that can help us stay focused.
3/25/21    A Real-Time Map of Tokyo's Transport System
   A real-time 3D digital map of Tokyo's public transport system.
3/26/21    11 of Our Solar System's Most Magnificent Moons
   Our solar system is home to more than 200 moons. All the major planets, apart from Mercury and Venus, have moons, and dozens orbit around giants like Saturn and Jupiter. And while Earth's moon is undeniably a wonderful thing, other moons in our solar system are downright wacky in comparison.
3/27/21    The short-term, middle-term, and long-term future of the coronavirus
   When experts envision the future of the coronavirus, many predict that it will become a seasonal pathogen that won’t be much more than a nuisance for most of us who have been vaccinated or previously exposed to it. But how long that process takes — and how much damage the virus inflicts in the interim — is still anyone’s guess.
3/28/21    26 great free streaming services for cord-cutters
   The best thing about cutting the cable cord is that you get a lot more control over your monthly TV bill. Instead of spending $100 per month or so on a bloated bundle of TV channels, you can throw together a few streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu and save a lot of money.
3/29/21    Can the IRS Take Back Your $1,400 Payment? 7 Stimulus Check Myths, Debunked
   President Joe Biden only just approved a third round of coronavirus stimulus checks in the American Rescue Plan, but there’s already a lot of confusion around the $1,400 payments.
3/30/21    Should you buy a house and rent it out?
   The model runs by simulating 1,000 "possible futures" based on the parameters you specify. In Causal, model parameters are probabilistic — they can take on a range of values to account for the uncertainty in your estimates. Causal's outputs are distributions too, letting you understand the uncertainty in your results. Customise the inputs to run your own scenarios comparing buying and renting.

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