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"Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves,
or we know where we can find information upon it."

- Samuel Johnson

APR 2021

Previous Archives

4/1/21    UNESCO: Dive into intangible cultural heritage!
   Discover multiple ways to navigate through a dynamic and interactive space of vibrant intangible cultural heritage practices and expressions. See how together they represent a rich cultural diversity.
4/2/21    The Best Documentaries of 2021 Challenge Our Memory of the Past
   From Tiger Woods and Pelé to Billie Eilish and the Night Stalker, the best documentaries prove there's no story like a true story.
4/3/21    Ship Tracking Map
   My Ship Tracking is a FREE REALTIME AIS vessel finder tracking service. With this vessel tracker you can monitor ship positions, vessel tracking, ship tracking, and more.
   It’s a perennial question: do spies write the best spy novels? It’s the business of secrets, after all; you can’t help but wonder how much authors get right. Surely, the only authentic spy books are the ones written by people on the inside, right?
4/5/21    Record Store Database
   VinylHub is the biggest community-built database of record stores and vinyl record fairs and events. Be part of our mission to create an archive of all the world's record stores by adding your favorite stores to the database!
4/6/21    Open Source Illustrations for an Idea
   Open-source illustrations for any idea you can imagine and create.
4/7/21    How Hot Will It Get?
   How Hot Will It Get is a large platform related to climate change to help you get an overview of futuristic climate scenarios. It also connects professional and individual users who are interested in combatting the climate crisis.
4/8/21    Search the Louvre Collection
   The Collections database consists of entries for more than 480,000 works in the Musée du Louvre and Musée National Eugène-Delacroix. Updated on a daily basis, it is the result of the continuous research and documentation efforts carried out by teams of experts from both museums.
4/9/21    30 of the Best Book Covers of the Year (So Far)
   In 2021, as the world begins to rebound and bask in the hope offered by vaccines and new leadership, visual culture has served to uplift, energize and surprise. That is readily apparent in a trip to the bookstore (virtual or otherwise). Regardless of whether there are optimism and energy packed into some of these jackets or it’s simply the byproduct of emerging into the first spring following a beleaguered year, we’re elated by the design that has been dancing across shelves of late.
4/10/21    Movie of the Night
   Looking for a movie to watch but don't know what's out there. Movie of the NightiInstantly finds you something to watch across all of your streaming services. Just pick a genre, an actor and/or release year and your ready to go.
4/11/21    New York Times Spelling Bee
   New York Times games have captivated solvers since the launch of the Crossword in 1942. Their experts create engaging word and visual games — in 2014 we introduced the Mini Crossword, followed by Spelling Bee, Letter-Boxed, Tiles, and Vertex. They’ll continue to make new games their players will be passionate about.
4/12/21    Bird Migration Forcasts in Real Time
   When, where, and how far will birds migrate? Our migration forecasts will answer these questions for the first time.
4/13/21    Ever Given Ship Stuck Anywhere Game
   Why should the Suez Canal have all the fun? From the comfort of home you can get the Ever Given stuck wherever you want it. Drag and zoom the map to move this big old boat somewhere else. Click the rotate button to get it wedged perfectly. Hit the "to scale" button to make it approximately the right size. Or you can make it whatever size you feel like: get it stuck in a swimming pool or across the entire Atlantic Ocean.
4/14/21    New York Times: Guess How Neighborhoods Voted
   We selected 10,000 American neighborhoods at random. If we dropped you into one of them, could you guess how most people voted?
4/15/21    Animated Knots
   Animated Knots by Grog is the web’s #1 site for learning how to tie knots. From Boating Knots, Fishing Knots, and Climbing Knots to tying a tie, or even Surgical Knots — they’ve got it covered. Follow along as ropes tie themselves, showing just the essential steps, so you can master a knot in no time. Jump into any category to get started. If you’re unsure where to begin, try starting with the Basics, our Knot of the Day, Grog’s Blog or check out every knot we’ve got!
4/16/21    People Map
   A People Map of the US, where city names are replaced by their most Wikipedia’ed resident: people born in, lived in or connected to a place.
4/17/21    The Accessible Flight Simulator
   GeoFS's flight model is complete enough to deliver a realistic flight simulation experience. More than just a game, GeoFS is a real flight simulator. From the Piper Cub to the Airbus A380, the range of available aircraft should satisfy every aviation enthusiast.
4/18/21    Learn Typography Terms
   Type Terms is the perfect tool for designers to learn the basics of typographic terminology. If you are new to typography or here to refresh your memory, then Type Terms is perfect for you.
4/19/21    Old Book Illustrations
   We hope to be a destination of choice for visitors more particularly interested in Victorian and French Romantic illustrations.
4/20/21    kasparov chess
   Garry Kasparov is delighted to invite you to Kasparovchess. Pre-register with your email and you could be one of 6400 players granted early access to our community where you can learn, play and enjoy chess.
4/21/21    After Vaccination Health Checker
   V-safe is a smartphone-based tool that checks in on you after your COVID-19 vaccination. Your participation helps keep COVID-19 vaccines safe — for you and for everyone.
4/22/21    A Guide to Deep Learning and Neural Networks
   As a subset of artificial intelligence, deep learning lies at the heart of various innovations: self-driving cars, natural language processing, image recognition, and so on. There are amazing benefits of deep learning and its architectures — artificial neural networks.
4/23/21    What goes well with.......?
   Give dinner the power of AI. We analyzed over 150,000 recipes to figure out which ingredients are better together.
4/24/21    Age Generation Populations
   Based on estimates from the United States Census Bureau released for July 2019, Millennials are the largest living generation in the country now. They moved ahead of Boomers by about 432,000.
4/25/21    The Presidential Pet Museum
   Nearly every president had a pet — either exotic or common — and you can learn about all of them here.
4/26/21    Pulitzer Prize Winners
   "Winning photographs and cartoons, and bios and photos of winners, are available by clicking the links below. More than 2,400 entries are submitted each year in the Pulitzer Prize competitions, and only 21 awards are normally made. The awards are the culmination of a year-long process that begins early in the year with the appointment of 102 distinguished judges who serve on 20 separate juries and are asked to make three nominations in each of the 21 categories."
4/27/21    Sounds of Earth
   Sounds of Earth grew out of a personal need to create a collection of ambient sounds of nature to help me relax or meditate and raise awareness for the protection and restoration of our ecosystems. We need to protect and restore our environment so that future generations can also enjoy the natural sights and sounds that we take for granted.
4/28/21    Light Pollution Map
   Light Pollution Map is a mapping application that displays VIIRS/DMSP/World Atlas overlays/IAU observatories and the user measurements overlay over Microsoft Bing base layers (road and hybrid Bing maps). The primary use is to show VIIRS/DMSP data in a friendly manner, but over time it also includes some other interesting overlays that concern light pollution like SQM/SQC, World Atlas 2015 zenith brightness, clouds, aurora, and IAU observatories.
4/29/21    New York Times Health Guide
   "The New York Times presents a comprehensive library of medical topics, including in-depth articles on diseases, conditions, tests, symptoms, injuries and surgeries. The encyclopedic reference is frequently updated and reviewed by doctors, medical writers and editors. Within the guide are extensive links to The Times's own archive of news and features."
4/30/21    The National Center for Education Statistics
   "The National Center for Education Statistics collects, analyzes and makes available data related to education in the U.S. and other nations."

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